Classes are available for adults, children, and teens  
(Taught in English or French) 

see pdf flyers below for kids and teens

I- Painting or Drawing: 1 participant (adult)

40$/hour: 8 sessions of 1 or 2 hours

50$/hour: 8 sessions of  1 or 2 hours (including supplies) 

Courses include selected educational products

Art Classes for Kids and Teens (see pdf flyer below)

II- Mixed Media Workshop: 1 or 2 participants (adult)

A 2 hour session exploring and combining different mediums and techniques.

60$/participant (materials included)

III- The Mandala Way Workshop: 1 or 2 participants (adult)

A 2 hour session based on my mandala making book: The Mandala Way

60$/participant (includes my book, a MVA chart, and supplies)  

Mandala Making Workshop for Kids and Teens (see Pdf flyer below)

Method of Payment:  PayPal or e-transfer. A receipt will be provided. 

Contact:     514-251-9137

Please mention class option and contact info.  

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